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Why Go Solar

Why Go Solar

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Why should you go Solar? Afterall, what are the benefits? The existing grid is inefficient. It delivers power to you alright. But often, there are losses upwards 10% during transmission and distribution. The power that comes to your home from the power plant often goes through a maze of networks where it is stepped-up, processed, stepped-down and so on. These networks incur a huge cost to maintain themselves and are fraught with inefficiencies. Also, with most of power in India coming from Non-Renewable sources of power (such as Coal, Natural Gas and Fossil Fuels), there is a huge carbon footprint attached to it.

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Rooftop solar promises to be a better solution to minimise these transmission and distribution losses. With rooftop solar, you get none of these hassles. All you do is set up your required solar power PV system on your rooftop and connect it to your main supply. The solar power that is produced from your rooftop is served to your appliances directly from your roof, straight and simple. That’s Direct-to-Home Solar for you.