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The technology of photovoltaic (PV) is essentially concerned with conversion of sunlight into usable form of electrical energy. SunTechnics solar street/yard lighting systems are stand-alone systems that automatically switch on at dusk (evening hours) and switch off at dawn (morning hours). The light output from this system is about 800 lumens and is over a semicircular radius of 30 feet. These energy effcient, reliable and environment friendly street lighting systems require negligible maintenance.

The Sunwize solar street lighting system includes all components like a photovoltaic module, a tubular/ gel/VRLA battery and a charge controller. The battery and charge controller are integrated in the pole structure which is housed inside a metalic box. Charge controller is also integrated with dusk and dawn sensing.


  • Lighting streets, roads, highways
  • Lighting drying yards in plantation areas
  • Perimeter lighting of Industries & Institutions
  • Path way lighting in resorts, campus, office
  • complex, etc...


  • Quick and easy installation of the system
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Uniform distribution of light
  • Galvanized steel pole
  • Auto switch on /off function
  • Module mounting structure suitable for any
  • location


Solar Module:

The sunlight which falls on the PV module is converted into direct current (DC).
The Solar modules offered by Sunwize are specifically designed to meet the requirementsof the market. They are tested visually, mechanically and electrically according to the standard test conditions that apply to all manufacturers world wide. Charge Controller It ensure that the battery is always charged in an optimum and reliable manner.

The charge controller employs an intelligent two step charging algorithm. In the initial stage the battery cells are charged from its nominal value to a boost level. On reaching the boost level the solar module is disconnected. When the battery voltage falls below the required voltage, the solar module is reconnected & the charging process continues.

High Frequency Inverter The built in circuit has a high frequency inverter which inverts DC power available from battery into high frequency AC (alternate current) power to light the CFL.

Battery The battery is an essential component in the SPV system.
This is where the energy is stored during the day and used in the night. The type of battery used in the streetlight is low maintenance lead acid battery.

Compact Fluorescent/LED Lamp CFLs/LED are second & third generation lighting solutions for today & these are highly light effcient. These lamps have several advantages over conventional incandescent bulbs. CFLs/LED are energy efficient and long lasting (8000/40000hrs),and produce less heat.