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Sun Wize

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Sun-wize is company based in Lucknow State Capital of Uttar Pradesh (Northern Province of INDIA), India promoted by a team of highly successful technocrat entrepreneurs and management professionals dedicated to Innovation with strong linkages in the Industry, Corporate and Government.

The team has a proven track record in introducing new technology in different market segments and has several product designs to their credit. Based in Lucknow the Heritage city, Sun-wize is in a unique position to harness its strengths and synergize with the vast pool of talent available in the city to provide a powerful platform for the commercialization of innovative technologies.

  1. A Venture Started by 1st & 2nd Generation Entrepreneurs
  2. Focused on Research & Development of - Technology & Technology Aided Solutions
  3. Areas of focus are Light? & Thermal Energy
  4. Research on Application Development using cutting edge technologies, started about 4 years ago
  5. Self-Funded. Intends to work with Partners to commercialize newer products & Developments

The objective of the company is to promote package quality Solar products, alternate energy products such as Solar water Heaters, Solar street lighting systems, Solar Road Flashers & blinkers, Solar Home Lighting systems and customized Solar backed-up power solutions.

The team of Sun-wize has been constantly working on innovative design, material & technology to add more value added top of the line Solar & energy efficient quality products to its list.



To promote widespread and increased adoption of renewable energy sources to ensure a clean, green sustainable future - or society, industry and generations to come.


To be among the top 5 leaders in leading visionary in renewable energy management & consulting, setting trends in global renewable energy solutions in the next 5 years.