Sunwize  solar  thermal  water  heating systems are complete roof mounted hot  water  systems  with  the  tank  and  the collector mounted as one unit. It is built  using SS 304 L grade non magnetic steel for  the  inner  storage  cylinder  with  durable  aluminium  powder-coated / stainless  steel  as  weather  proof  outer casing.  They  are  also  lightweight  and  machine foamed CFC free PUF thermal  insulation  to  set  a  new  standard  in  environmentally friendly solar hot water  system. 

Solar Photovoltaic Power For Remote Telecom Sites

Sunwize successfully completed several projects on Solar Photovoltaic Power System for telecom towers in remote locations of northern part of India, The main aim of this project is to reduce the DG running hours to the minimum. The Solar Photovoltaic Power system provides adequate power to telecom loads & charges the battery bank for supplying uninterrupted power to the Telecom loads. The battery gets charged through Solar adn DG power in order of priority. The monitoring and control panel continuously monitors the battery bank voltage before switching between Solar and DG Power. RTU System The system is supplied with Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) which facilitates for remote monitoring and control. The objective of RTU is to acquire real-time data of the Solar, Battery, D.G. & SMPS and send it to centralized server for real time data monitoring and Control, This system can send the data frequently (pre-defined intervals) from the site, The main feature of this system is, the sites can be remotely monitored & controlled from one central location without visiting the actual site.


The technology of photovoltaic (PV) is essentially concerned with conversion of sunlight into usable form of electrical energy. SunTechnics solar street/yard lighting systems are stand-alone systems that automatically switch on at dusk (evening hours) and switch off at dawn (morning hours). The light output from this system is about 800 lumens and is over a semicircular radius of 30 feet. These energy efficient, reliable and environment friendly street lighting systems require negligible maintenance. 
The Sunwize solar street lighting system includes all components like a photovoltaic module, a tubular/ gel/VRLA battery and a charge controller. The battery and charge controller are integrated in the pole structure which is housed inside a metalic box. Charge controller is also integrated with dusk and dawn sensing. 
¦ Lighting streets, roads, highways
¦ Lighting drying yards in plantation areas
¦ Perimeter lighting of Industries & Institutions
¦ Path way lighting in resorts, campus, office complex, etc... 
¦ Quick and easy installation of the system
¦ Minimum maintenance
¦ Uniform distribution of light
¦ Galvanized steel pole
¦ Auto switch on/off function
¦ Module mounting structure suitable for any location 


As a pioneer and leader in the renewable energy industry, sunwize is positioned to provide the best solutions for grid connected solar power systems. Our expertise in solar photovoltaic technologies insures you green and sustainable energy harnessed through a combination of quality products and proved engineering. This 50KWP solar photovoltaic grid connected power plant is one of the largest PV project executed in Lucknow. The power produced form the plant will be supplied to the state grid through an 11kV transmission line. The plant will generate power and supply to the grid in the daytime.